Random Packing

Raschig Ring
( R-Ring )

Cascade Ring
( C-Ring )

Pall Ring
( P-Ring )

Intalox Ring
( I-Ring )

Random Packing has many applications and it been widely used in many sector of industries. As an example, it is used in the chemical, metallurgy, coal gas, environmental protection industries for gas and liquid separations in dying towers, absorption towers, cooling towers, washing towers and regeneration towers. There are some main types of random packing stated below that can be referred to find the best and suitable one that you need.




Raschig Ring
R-Ring is the simplest structure of all types of random packing. They are a cylindrical tube which usually have an equal height and diameter. R-Rings are very effective at the base of a boiling vessel to distribute the heat evenly.
Normal Size mm 10 13 16 19 25 32 38 50 75
Void Fraction % 83 84 86 87 88 89 90 92 95




Pall Ring
P-Ring is the improved products of R-Ring. The features of P-Ring is the diameter size is same as the height just like the R-Ring. Besides, there are two layers of window on the cylinder wall. And each wall have five ligules bending inward.

The openings on the cylinder wall let the P-Ring make full use of the inner surface and improve the separating and absorbing efficiency. The flux of P-Ring improves 50% than the R-Ring but the pressure drop reduce half.

Normal Size mm 16 25 38 50 90
Void Fraction % 93 96 97 98 98




Cascade Ring
The C-Ring is the advanced product of P-Ring. The height and diameter of the C-Ring are measured at a ratio of 1: 2, and cone-shaped flange is added onto the end of the C-Ring. It can improve the mechanical strength as well as reduce the gas passing resistance and increase the flux. In addition, the liquid and gas has uniform distribution and then the separating efficiency is improves through increasing the contact area.
Normal Size mm 25 38 44 50 63 90 125
Void Fraction % 97 97 97 97 97 98 98




Intalox Ring
I-Ring has the shape that is similar to the saddle, however, its shapes is between the ring and saddle. It can be benefit for the liquid distribution and it can also improve the flux of gas. I-Ring has larger flux, less resistance and higher efficiency. Moreover, it has high rigid and mechanical strength, it is the most widely used type among all the random packing.
Normal Size mm 15 25 40 50 60 70
Void Fraction % 93 96 97 98 98 98