Filter Leaf Element

PELTECH manufactures vertical and horizontal filter leaf element for replacement of any makes and sizes. Filter leaf are manufactured with 5-ply or 3-ply design, riveted or bolted depending on customer requirements.

Our standard filter leaf is made of 5 ply of wire mesh of different gauge wires. Two outer filtering mesh are Hollander weaves and three inner mesh is a coarse mesh for the discharge of the filtrate and support of the outer layers. The 5-ply wire mesh are held together by a tubular frame & made leak proof by machine riveting.


Our Standard Filter Leaf Construction & Mesh Specification


Construction Mesh Wire Thickness
1 Ply of drainage mesh Plain Weave, 4 x 4 1.6 4750
2 Ply of support mesh Plain Weave, 8 x 8 0.7 2470
2 Ply filter mesh Plain Weave, 60×60
Plain Dutch Weave, 24×110
Reverse Dutch Weave, PZ80
0.36 x 0.26
0.2 x 0.4
5 Ply Leaf Filter Cloth
filter leaf element

Filter Leaf Refurbish Service


PELETCH provides the best in re-meshing, rescreening and repairing services for your used or damaged filter leaf. Our facilities and capabilities allow for the inspection, re-mesh, repair or replacement of all makes and models of vertical and horizontal filter leaf in the market.

5 Ply Leaf Filter Cloth
5 Ply Leaf Filter Cloth



  • The re-meshed leaves will function as when they were new.
  • Cost savings of up to 30% over of a new leaf.
  • Process improvement and higher throughput.
  • Leaves can be re-meshed up to 4 times for prolonged life.
  • Leaves from other manufacturers can be re-meshed at our facility.

Refurbishing Process


  • Customer returns used or damaged leaves to us.
  • Each leaf is inspected and evaluated.
  • Old filter mesh is removed and examined.
  • Interior frame is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Filter mesh is replaced and reassembly.
  • If leaf is not able to repair, a replacement new leaf is built as necessary.
  • Pre-delivery quality checking of each filter leaf.
  • Filter leaves are crated and shipped.
refurbishing process