PELTECH has an own meshing workshop for quick vibrating screen replacement. We fabricate and supply new vibrating screen, and provide re-meshing / rescreen service for all makes of sieving equipment including OEM parts of Sweco, Amkco, Kason, Rusell and etc. The vibrating screen can be design and fabricated in many sizes and shape based on customer requirement. The bonding process can also be custom design according to customer needs (Mining, FDA, Industry environment) whether in bolting, welding, adhesive bonding, micron spot weld and etc. Our re-meshing / rescreen service includes the cleaning, and preparation of the frame, the bonding of the mesh, correctly set at high and uniform tension to give better efficiency and higher product throughput together with a longer service life.

Hook Screen

PELTECH manufacture hook vibrating screen with different style of edge preparation or hook strip. The most common types are those with hook strips fixed on two sides of the screen section, called either End Tensioning or Side Tensioning Screens. For special Vibrating Screen there are screen sections with reinforced edges on all four sides.

Most industrial screening operations utilize a screen for classifying, sizing, straining, sieving, are typically secured by clamping rails that apply tension across the screening surface. The tension is applied through edge treatments on the woven wire cloth screen panel commonly referred to as “hooks”, “hook strips” or “hooking strips”.

Our edge preparations fit the deck properly for easy screen installation and tensioning. Banded Hook edges increase strength and eliminate mesh pull-out on fine wire mesh or high tension screens.

Peltech Plain Hooked Edge

Plain Hooked Edge

Peltech Inside Reinforced Formed Edge

Inside Reinforced Formed Edge

Peltech Reinforced Shroud Banded Edge

Reinforced Shroud Banded Edge

Peltech Double Folded Reinforced Shroud Banded Edge

Double Folded Reinforced Shroud Banded Edge