ALPHAscreen Round Separator is built as a simple and effective solutions for our customer. It minimizes the downtime & maintenance cost. Our engineer has designed and built this unique and efficient screen separator to separate solids from liquids. Not only that, our screener can also segregate dry materials into various particle sizes. The alphascreen round separator achieves superb performance in sieving a variety properties, shapes, and sizes of grains, both dry and wet grains.

Construction Features

  • Clamping system by solid ring structure.
  • All parts in contact with product are made of Stainless Steel, SS 304.
  • Contact parts with surface finishing of sand blasted or mechanical polished.
  • Electrical motor vibrator, Class F insulation.

The superior engineering and high-quality finishing make our circular separator not only suitable for food industry but also other rusty environments. Alphascreen vibratory separator has been adopted by many clients across different industries.

Alphascreen circular separator work with three ways vibration simultaneously-vertically, horizontally and tangentially. The adjustable weights on the upper and lower end of motor shaft produce dynamic vibration which consists of horizontal, vertical and tangential motions. The relation of the lower weight to the upper weight can be adjusted to control the spiral screening pattern. This unique motion provides a degree of screening capacity and efficiency superior to any other screening machine. By controlling the phase angles of those weights, our round separator will be able to provide several types of grain flow.

AlphaScreen Round Separator Advantages


  • Various Capacity – Our vibrating machine capacity available from 30 up to 60 inch. The various model selection cater for different user needs, the various sizes also allow material to spread across the entire screening surface for a maximum throughput, this also resulting in maximum capacity of screening.
  • Longer Life span – Our precise screening & welding technology enable us to produce top quality tension and uniform vibrating screens. The long lasting vibrating screens are made by high quality stainless steel material which produce reliable & higher throughput with less down time.
  • Low Maintenance – Our three dimensional vibratory motor reduce blocking mesh blocking. These also resulting in less maintenance cost and operation down time for better productivity.
  • Higher Reliable Motor – High quality imported motor produces dynamic motion for reliable throughput. The long lasting bearing and material allows motor to work freely and continuously under a hash environment. The efficient motor also reduce the electricity cost by generating higher centrifugal force with less horse power input.
  • Capacity Flexibility – The vibrating machine is highly adjustable and configurable from a single deck up to as many as 4 screening decks which allows simultaneous separation under single machine, great flexibility and efficiency meets the production requirements.

AlphaScreen Separator for the industries of


  • Food & Beverages Industries – Palm Oil, KCP (Oil), Wheat Flour, Soya-bean, Corn, Rice (Grains and Powder), Wheat Strach, Large Grain White Sugar, Oil (Liquid), Fine Sugar (Powder), Soy (liquid), Dairy Products (Powder, Liquid).
  • Ceramic Industries – Silicon Sands (Grains), Pottery & Clay (Liquid From), Glass Material (Powder), Sand & Gravel (Powder), Aluminium Powder Oxidated.
  • Chemical & Resigns Industries – Synthetic Resins, Coating Material, Pigments, Dyestuff (Powder, Liquid), Soap, Rubber, Silicon Powder, Pigments, Managanese Dioxide, Fertilizer (Grain, Powder), Medicines, Spraying Paint, Epoxy Powder, Polyethylene Powder, Epoxy Resigns.
  • Metals & Metallurgical Mines – Iron, Copper (Powder & Grains), Aluminium Foils, Raw Limestone, Scrap Oil (Liquid), Fluorescent Material.
  • Waste & Pollution Control – Waste water, Waste Oils, Animals feed, Recycling Water.


AlphaScreen Round Separator Model & Spec

Circular vibratory round separator drawing
Separator top weight bottom weight


Alphascreen Separator Parts & Components

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